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Laser Green ( VS-G6/12 )

Item : Laser Green
Model : VS-G6/12
Software : NONE




Specification of Laser Green


Using Imported semiconductor lasers,wavelength of 532nm for the green laser output.For through the rate is high,high reflectivity of materials,such as glass, copper,gold,than Infrared laser processing effect is better. more suitable for precision trimming,the semiconductor wafer dicing,small parts and other precision marking area etc.

Applicable fields
Equipment for the surface of glass sculpture,such as mobile phones screen,LCD screen,optical devices(such as optical lenses,etc.)automotive glass.At the same time apply to the vast majority of metal,ceramics,eyeglasses and clocks,PC,electronic devices,various instruments,PCB panels and control panel,plate panels,plastic and so on.

Main technical parameters

Model VS-G6/12
Wave length of laser 532nm
Laser power 6w/12w
Beam quality M2 M2<1.2mm
Min line width 0.01mm
Smallest characters 0.2mm
Marking speed ≤12000mm
Repeat accuracy ±0.1μm
Marking scope 100x100mm
Cooling way Air Cooling
Power supply AC220V/50Hz



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