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Laser Cutter ( XGY1309-100 )

Item : Laser Cutter
Model : XGY1309-100
Software : NONE




Introduction of laser cutting

Laser cutting generally adopts CO2 laser or YAG laser, and is the commonest technology of laser process. It initialized in the early of 1970s used to process non-penetrating caulking groove knife blade on hardwood to make moulds that could be used to press and cut pressboard. With the deep and constant studies of lasers and continuing development of designs and manufacturing, the application and technology of laser cutting becomes more widely and more mature.

VISTER laser cutting series CO2 laser cutter is serial solution integrated with latest laser processing technologies for many industries and fields featuring with high-efficiency, high cost-performance and low pollution, which is applied in wood processing, packaging and printing, craftwork, advertisement, moulds, leathers and buttons. It can engrave on nonmetals such as plastics, woods, papers, rubbers, leathers, acrylic, ceramic, piece goods and composite materials.

Laser cutting principle

VISTER laser cutting series CO2 laser cutter is composed of control system, motion system, optical system, fume extractor and blowing protection system. It adopts the most advanced CNC mode to realize energy cutting with multi spindle linkage and non speed-effect. It supports AI, PLT, DXF, BMP and JPEG graphics format, and enhances interface graphic drawing capability. The cutter adopts high performance imported motor and gear-guiding structure to realize high motion precision in high-speed running status.

Laser cutter use high power laser to realize cutting. Under the control of computer the laser discharges via pulse to form laser beam with certain power and certain pulse width. This laser beam transmits through the optical path, after reflecting and focus it is focused to a fine facula with maximum diameter 0.3mm. Focusing facula is above the processed surfaces to melt or gasify the cutting materials, at the same time a stream of air coaxial with laser beam is blew out from the cutting head to blow away the melted or gasified materials from the bottom of cutting notch. With the relative motion of laser cutting head and cut materials the cutting notch is formed and laser cutting is realized. The laser pulse frequency, releasing time, motion speed and motion direction are all controlled by computer.


The XGY series laser cutter can be used in plastics, woods, papers, rubbers, leathers, acrylic, oxhorn and composite materials. It also can engrave on stones, ceramic, glasses, bi-color plate, lacquered copperplate, alumina materials and etc. This machine is powerful in function integrating with bitmap engraving, slope engraving, vector cutting and laser drilling.

Technical data

Product model XGY1309-100
Working area 1300mm * 900mm
Total power 1250W
Machine weight 280kg
Laser power 100W
Working voltage 220 ± 10% 50HZ
Laser tube CO2 sealed glass laser, water-cooled 10.6um
Engraving speed 5000mm/min
Reposition accuracy ≤ 0.01mm
Operating humidity 0 ℃ to 45 ℃
Machine size 1700 * 1090 * 960mm
package size 1860 * 1250 * 1200mm


Installing environment requirements

Requirements of installing environment(low power engraving and cutting machine)

  • Install air-conditioner to control and keep the indoor temperature constant in order to prolong the lifespan of laser.
  • Install wall type hygrometer to test the temperature and humidity of environment to decide the setting of water temperature of water-cooling machine.
    1. Power supply: 220V<±10% alternating current power and switch capability is 32A(100W), earth wire complies with national standard of machine room.
    2. Power supply frequency 50~60Hz
    3. Compressing air flow ≥50L/min
  • Water-cooling machine uses cooling water: deioned water or purified distilled water for about 18L.

Supplementary explanation of machine precision

  • Running precision of machine( tested by): average static repeated positioning precision ≤±0.03mm and positioning precision ≤±0.05mm(generally ±0.02mm~±0. 04mm).
  • The effects of the following factors on machine such as clamps making precision, installing precision and clamping precision and optical path adjusting precision cannot be ignored.

Hence, the comprehensive precision of machine processing is feasible of ±0.06mm~±0.1mm.


Free for one year


Water Chiller CW3000
Exhaust Blower
Reci 60W:150W
Control System
Lead shine Stepper motor


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