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Laser Welding ( W200 )

Item : Laser Welding W200
Model : W200
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Specification of W200 laser welder


  • A high ratio of welding depth to spot diameter results in slender welding seam, small affected area, little thermal distortion, and fast welding.
  • The welding seam is smooth, therefore there is little or no need to polish the seam after welding.
  • The welding seam is in high quality with no gas bubbles left behind. The process can even improve the impurity of the mother material.
  • The welding spot is very small and can be positioned accurately. It can match robot to do any position welding job.
  • Two of the same material or different materials can be welded.

Welding materials and Applications

The laser welder can weld the same material like titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver, steel and their alloys. And it can weld two different materials, like copper-nickel, nickel-titanium, titanium-molybdenum, brass-copper, low carbon steel-copper.

It also can be applied widely to mobile phone batteries, sensors, clocks, watches, jewelry, electronic components, eye glasses, crafts precision instruments and medical apparatus etc.

Technical data

Model W200
3-axis stroke of work bench X=300mm, Y=200mm (X, Y can be adjusted by motor and Z-axis can be lifted)
Bearing of work bench ≤200kg
Power supply 220V±10%/50Hz 40A
Laser parameters Laser parameters
Laser type Nd:YAG pulse
Adjusting range of light spot 0.1-0.3mm
Size of light spot 0.2-2mm
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Pulse width ≤20ms
Maximum laser power 200W
Pulse frequency ≤50Hz
Laser output focus length 50mm/100mm/120mm (optional)
Laser cooling Water cooling




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