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Laser CO2 ( CO2-H10 )

Item : Laser CO2
Model : CO2-H10
Software : 1CO2 XP (opt)system





CO2 Laser Oscillator

CO2 laser oscillator, which uses CO2 gas as the operation material, is one kind of gas laser oscillator. The discharge tube is generally made by glass or quartz, and filled with CO2 and other accessorial gases (mainly helium and nitrogen gas, and a bit hydrogen and xenon gas as well). The electrode is commonly hollow nickel cylinder. One end of the resonant cavity is gilded holophote; another is half reflector made by grinded germanium or gallium arsenide. When add high voltage (direct current or low frequent alternating voltage commonly) to the electrode pole, the glow discharge occurs in the discharge tube, then the laser with wavelength around 10.6 micron will be outputted from one end of the germanium glass. In general, to a better tube, discharge area with around 1 meter can output continuous power 10~15W.


CO2-H10 Laser Marker

CO2-H10 laser marker is one of the leading products of market, which has the advantages of advanced function, small size and high cost performance. This machine adopts US laser oscillator and high-speed fine servo-motor (for scanning lenses) combining Han’s laser self-developed control software. It is a high technology product integrating laser technology, fine mechanics, electronics technology and computer science, and widely applied in electronics, computer, clock and gift etc.

The control software runs on WINDOWS XP as the operation stage, using English interface, it is easy for operation and learning. The software has perfect graphics process function, supports the creating, moving, extending, rotating, imaging, copying, deleting and other functions. The software can also be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

CO2-H10 laser marker is composed by laser power supply, XY scanning lenses and driver, optical system, cooling system, computer control system and worktable etc.

Industrial application

CO2-H10 laser maker can manage non-metal marking, and is widely used in craftwork, gift, methyl methacrylate, clothing, leather, wood, paper, food package, electric component, PCB, soft circuit board, ceramics basal piece, semiconductor, crystal glass, plastic linker, silicon rubber keystroke, SMD component and the graphics context carving on the other kinds of material.

Technical Data

Marking laser CO2 laser Wavelength: 1064nm
Average output 10W
Output stability ±5%
Marking area 100mm×100mm
Working distance 100±2mm
Marking speed ≤3m/s
Marking depth ≤5mm
Min. character size 0.12mm
Min. line width 0.6mm
Repetition accuracy ±0.01mm
Model Controller USB Card
Display 19 inch LCD Monitor display
Software CO2 XP (opt)system
Character type True type font True Type font installed in PC
Update character Automatic calendar, automatic time limit calculation, shift code setting, automatic counter, rank marking
Barcode CODE39, 2 of 5, Codabar, CODE 128
2D code QR code, Data Matrix (ECC200)
Bitmap format BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, PCD etc.
Laser marking format Fixed point, straight line, circle, oval etc.
Terminal block Input/ Output Input Error Reset, Trigger Inhibit, Emergency Stop, Mark-Laser control, Laser control, Count-up, Count-down, Counter Reset, No./Value set, Fix Program No., Encoder Pulse, Trigger
Output Laser indicator, Marking, Warning
System safety level IP54
Cooling method Water cooling
Environmental resistance Ambient temperature 15℃~30℃
Humidity 45%~75%
Electrical source requirement 220V/ 5A
Power consumed 500W


Standard deployment

Component Standard Quantity Manufacturer
Laser oscillator 1 US SYNRAD
Lens 120×120 1 US II-VI/ Singapore Wavelength
Scanner system High speed scan 1
Expander 5 times 1 US II-VI/ Singapore Wavelength
Software Vister 1
Display 17” LCD 1


Requirement of the working condition

  • Ambient temperature 15-30℃, air-conditioner needed.
  • Humidity 40%-80%; No dew; dehumidifier installation needed.
  • Power supply:220V;50Hz
  • Electric Power net undulation: ±5%; Power net suited to the international standard. Area with voltage amplitude above 5% should have automatic digital voltage stabilization and steady flow system equipment.
  • No strong electromagnetism signal interference around the equipment. No wireless injection station (or relay station) around.
  • Groundsill swill: less than 50um;Vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. Avoid too many punches and other machine tool equipments setting around.
  • No smoke and dust in the equipment space, avoid operational environment with much dust such as metal polishing and rubbing.
  • Air pressure: 86-106kpa
  • In certain environment, anti-static floor, strengthen shield and the other equipments should be installed.
  • Strict quality requirement of the circulating water for cooling use. Pure water, deionized water or distilled water are preferred, water contains much metallic ion and other minerals such as tap water, mineral water should not be used.


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