Diode Pump

Item : Diode Pump
Model : DP-RSD50
Software : WINXP + special marking software



Good performance

PC driven software with high power and better beam quality. Permanent marking withstanding to abrading and corrosion.


Objects marked by the machine are water/chemical/oil/grease/fuel proof, retaining appearance and contrast as long as base products remain intact.


Simple fully-programmable software with auto-coding capability makes for consecutive sequence codes like time, data, batch codes, bar codes as well as text and graphics, and full on-screen representations of marking job layouts permits easy alteration of parameters and adjustment to customized requirements.


Low use of electricity but high electro-optic transition rate. High response speed. Better stability during long using time without changing lamps. All these make high efficiency especially for mass production.


Smaller sizes of laser cavity and chiller. Less space for the whole set of laser machine. Working stage, laser cavity and the controlling system are combined in one set. Convenient to control.


This kind of laser machine is similar with the YAG lamp-pumped marker series. It is applicable to all kinds of metals and many kinds of nonmetals, is adopted extensively in various industries. Rotary instruments can be attached to the whole system, if there is curve surface to be marked.

Light industry mechanical manufacture

The model is wildly used in the industries of clocks, watches, glasses frames, molds, lamps and lanterns, buttons, buckles, brand labels, plastics, ceramics, marbles, stamps, tools, Plexiglas, metal name cards, pattern and text symbols, handicraft products, etc.

Vehicle spares parts

Bearings, piston annulations, motors, steel wheel, drills, saws, steel ruler, etc


Capacitances, resistances, caches, chips, mobile batteries, computer and mobile keyboards, communication network equipments, wireless intercoms, etc.

Surgical instruments and cutlery items

Scissors, pliers, forceps, knives, forks, spoons, manmade bones, pans, dishes, bowls, chopsticks, etc.

Gifts and packages

Stationeries, pens, keys, key rings, lighters, labels, tapes, picture symbols, etc.


Rings, strains, necklaces, wrist laces, earrings (which are made from gold, silver, copper and aluminum), etc.

Overall system specification

Model DP-RSD50
Max. laser power 50W
Laser wavelength 1050nm-1070nm
Repetition frequency ≤50KHz
Beam quality <6M2
Cooling code water
Standard marking scope 100mm×100mm
Marking area option 50 mm×50mm 150 mm×150mm 200mm×200mm
Marking depth 0.3mm
Linear speed 7000mm/s
Min. line width 0.01mm
Min. character size 0.2mm
Repetition accuracy ±0.002mm
Control computer PC
Software system WINXP + special marking software
Worktable dimension X, Y and Z axis table
Position indication LD red light 650nm wavelength
Automated coding Can mark sequence number, batch number, date, bar code, two-dimensional code etc
Characters support Chinese characters such as song, italics, Lishu, Font, bold font, Truetype fonts etc
Barcodes support CODE39, CODE128, EAN code, EAN_128 barcode, 39 code, DataMatrix, PDF417 etc.
File format support DWG, DFX, BMP, JPG, PNG , TIF, PCX, TAG, GIF, PLT etc
Power consumed ≤1.5KW
Electrical demand 220V±10%/50Hz/30A
Usage environment Clean, no shaking, Temperature 13 ℃-28 ℃, humidity 5% -75%
Optional accessories Anti-laser glass, metal business cards, octave films, rotating fixture .
Optical system 880mm×850mm×1100mm(L×W×H)
Cooling system 550mm×500mm×850mm(L×W×H)



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